MOSELECTRO Company supplied the equipment for Rosseti PJSC

7 April 2020

MOSELECTRO Company manufactured and shipped 10 kV closed current-conducting wires, switchgear cabinets K-129 and K-130 for construction of the new Rosseti PJSC facility 35 kV modular package transformer substation near Levashovo settlement (included in Lenergo PJSC). Equipment is installed. The total volume of supply amounted to over 80 meters of current-conducting wire and 37 pcs. of 6(10) and 35 kV switchgear cabinets.

The new substation will increase reliability of power supply to the settlements of Kurortny District of St. Petersburg.

For reference: Rosseti PJSC is the biggest electric grid company in the world. The Company operates 2,3 million kilometers of electric power transmission lines, 496 thousand substations with transformer capacity over 773 thousand MVA represented in 80 regions of the Russian Federation.