Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

MOSELECTRO structures its business on the principles of high social responsibility, covering not only the operations of the company and its employees but all the world around us. We care about the future of our planet and therefore we are already trying to do the right thing. This is why social responsibility of our company mainly focuses on the protection of the environment, and caring about the Earths eco balance. You can find out more details about our eco projects in the Eco section of our website. We also go beyond this direction, we are ready to offer aid and support to those who really needs it.


In Latin donorship means gift. And the best gift of all is life. Currently in Russia only 13 blood donors are accounted for every 1000 people, as compared to the USA where this figure equals 60. Therefore it is no surprise that our country is suffering from a deficit in blood donorship. MOSELECTRO is trying to solve this issue.

Donor Day event is held once every year. During these events the medical unit of the company becomes a blood transfusion station for anyone who wishes to donate blood. Their numbers grow every time, some people return to give even more blood. Such people do care and are moved by desire to help someone; not without reason the main motto of the donorship is Only Humans Can Be Healthy and Donate Blood!.


MOSELECTRO offers charity support to the Rozhdestvensky Convent (or the Convent of Nativity of Theotokos), located right in the centre of Moscow, at the Rozhdestvenka Street. It was found in 1386 by the mother of a hero of the Battle of Kulikovo, Vladimir Khrabry princess Maria Serpukhovskaya (Marfa), and it is one of the oldest Monasteries of Moscow. Its territory houses several temples, a cathedral, a choir and a Sunday school. Obviously such premise requires maintenance and therefore MOSELECTRO is always trying to help. Company funds are allocated for the good thing. For example one the latest improvements was the replacement of windows in the Sunday school, since the condition of old once had been hazardous to life, as well as the payment of the electric bills.