IPB (Isolated phase bus duct) natural cooling

Generator voltage complete phase-screened 10, 20, 24, 35 kV busbars with the compensated external electromagnetic field of TENE and TENP series for rated currents varying from 1600 to 37 500 A are intended for electrical connections at electric power stations, in 3-phase AC circuits with the frequency varying from 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz of turbine generators with the power of up to 1500 megawatt with power step-up transformers, auxiliary power transformers, rectifier transformers and generator thyristor excitation transformers. 

Generator voltage busbars may also be used for other power engineering, industrial, transport, agricultural facilities, etc.

Specific Features and Advantages

  • All-welded along the entire route
  • Electrodynamic resistance
  • Closed and segregated-phase arrangement
  • They are equipped with an air pressurization system enhancing the reliability and reducing the number of emergency situations
  • Individual resistance control system for bus support insulators in the online mode