Low-voltage complete device

Technical Information on 0.4 kV QUBE LVCD. Designation and Use

Low voltage complete devices (LVCD) are designed for control, protection, signaling, receipt and distribution of DC and AC electrical power with voltage of 0.4 kV and frequency of 50 Hz.

Unit/module position


The unit is drawn in, main contact elements are closed, control and power circuits are closed, operating state


The unit is partially drawn in and is at a distance of 30 mm from the main buses. The general isolating switch is open, the power circuits are open, the control circuits are closed, the test / mechanical interlock button is illuminated, locking with a padlock is possible. This position allows to check the operation of secondary circuits, the operational unit cannot perform the function of power supply load


The unit position is similar to the Test position. Maintenance can be performed in stated position. The operational unit cannot perform the function of power supply load in this position


The unit is fully drawn out and distanced 45 mm from the main buses, the general isolating switch is open, main and control circuits are open, locking with a padlock is possible. The drawer can be removed from the cabinet. The unit can be moved to the repair area in this position.


The use of high-quality electric switchgear, circuit breakers, control and signaling devices, relay protection from leading manufacturers ensures high reliability of the Qube LVCD.

The design of the busbar system meets the requirements of Russian and international standards for resistance to short circuit and other factors. The circuits are protected against external overvoltage and switching pulse overvoltage, which may occur during sudden changes in the load current or disconnection of protective circuit breakers.

Technical specifications of QUBE LVCD

Parameters Parameter value
Cable input/output Top/bottom
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated current, A Up to 4,000
Type and rated current of busbars, Up to 4,000
Rated current of distribution busbars, Up to 1,600
IP Code 31/54 *
Operational unit version Fixed/removable/draw-out
Average weight, kg 600
Maintenance Single-access/dual-access
Seismic stability 9 points

* A different version is possible by agreement with the manufacturer.