Switchgear cabinets of all series are provided with rigid metal structures consisting of a cabinet case, a draw-out element and a relay cabinet.

Current transformers, voltage transformers and conducting parts may be embedded in the switchgear cabinet case. Relay cabinets with built-in relay protection and automation equipment (RPAE), control, measuring, alarm equipment and terminal blocks are installed in the upper part of the cabinets. Circuit-breakers, voltage transformers and plug contacts (performing the function of disconnecting devices) are installed on a draw-out element (trolley).

Cabinets with vacuum and SF 6 circuit-breakers have high commutation life, mechanical durability and higher performance reliability as opposed to low-oil-content circuit-breakers.

Switchgear cabinets are docked and installed in switchgear rooms at embedded channel beams, either in single-row or in double-row joints