• switching of the shutdown circuit-breaker from the working to the control position and from the control to the working position with closed front cabinet doors;
  • switching of the draw-out element with open cabinet doors from the maintenance to the working position only with the switched-off circuit-breaker;
  • possibility of emergency shutdown of the circuit-breaker in the working position with the help of a button at the front door of the cabinet;
  • availability of an inspection window at the front door of the draw-out element compartment to ensure visual monitoring of the condition of the circuit-breaker;
  • availability of a mnemonic diagram indicating the draw-out element position (control and working), the condition of the circuit-breaker (on/off), grounding switch (on/off), preventing the staff’s incorrect actions;
  • high voltage indicator; and
  • main grounding busbar.

These specifics ensure high level of safety for the maintenance staff.

Basic Technical Specifications 


Parameter Value

Rated voltage (linear), kV


Maximum working voltage (linear), kV


Rated main circuit current, A

630; 1250; 1600; 2000; 2500

Rated collecting busbar current, A

1250; 2000; 2500

Types of used vacuum circuit-breakers:


Rated circuit-breaker shutdown current, embedded in switchgear cabinets, kA

16, 20, 25

Conventional thermal current (3 c for main circuits; 1 c for grounding blades), kA

16, 20, 25

Rated short time electrodynamic current of main circuits, kA

40, 51, 64

Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V

  • DC;
  • AC



Insulation level under GOST 1516.3-96

Normal insulation (level "b")

Type of insulation


Availability of conducting parts insulation

With non-insulated busbars; with partial busbar insulation

Availability in draw-out element cabinets

With draw-out elements; without draw-out elements

Type of linear high-voltage connections


Service conditions


Availability of doors in the cabinet draw-out compartment

with doors

Types of main cabinets depending on embedded electrical equipment

  • with high-voltage circuit-breakers; 
  • with detachable contact joints; 
  • with voltage transformers; 
  • with power fuses; and
  • with auxiliary power transformers

Types of control

Local, remote, telecontrol

Dimension sizes of a cabinet, mm

  • width;
  • depth;
  • height


800; 1000*

Weight of cabinet, kg

No more than 1250 (depending on the version)

* For cabinets with APT and cabinets for rated currents of 2000 and 2500 A