Moselectroshield Presents Digital Switchgear

8 November 2019

Digital switchgear on the basis of MOSELECTROSHIELD equipment is a new solution implemented in the traditional switchgear with the use of a set of digital devices that provide the functioning of relay protection and automation systems, electricity metering, Computer-Aided Process Control System, registration of alarm events under the IEC 61850 protocol, which makes it possible to connect all the substation equipment with a single information network and transmit control signals, information from measuring instruments, information from sensors, control devices, information to alarm devices.
The digital switchgear ensures efficient use of process information in the substation, increasing the consistency of different types of equipment.
Thanks to the application of the IEC 61850 protocol, all signals between the multifunction devices of the digital cells are transmitted via a single optical cable or Ethernet cable, so that the exchange between the switchgear cells is carried out only via a digital channel, which eliminates the need for traditional circuits connecting the cabinets. The use of optical cable or Ethernet cable instead of conventional signal cables reduces the cost of installation work during commissioning of equipment, the duration and cost of downtime of substations during the reconstruction of secondary equipment and creates an opportunity for easy and quick reconfiguration of the Relay Protection and Emergency Controls system.