MOSELECTRO shipped current-conducting wires of TZKR type

28 February 2020

MOSELECTRO Company supplied 10 kV complete closed current-conducting wires of TZK type for the expansion of 110/6 kV substation located at Akshabulak oil and gas field (included in Kazgermuntai Limited Liability Company Joint Enterprise) . Air-insulated current-conduction wires are used to form electrical equipment connection from auxiliary transformer to switchgear.

For reference: Kazgermuntai Limited Liability Company Joint Enterprise is one of the biggest Kazakhstan oil companies. The Company carries out its activities on exploration, development, production and marketing of hydrocarbons at Akshabulak, Nuraly and Aksai fields in the South Turgay Basin of the Kyzylorda Region. The expansion of Akshabulak oil field will allow to eliminate power shortage.