First Hydro-Electric Set Started in Rogunskaya HPP, Tajikistan

16 November 2018

On November 16, 2018 the first power set of Rogunskaya HPP currently in construction on the Vakhsh River, Tajikistan, was put into operation. Dam
The output power of Rogunskaya HPP will make up 3,600 MW, the power plant will be the biggest in the Central Asia.
For construction of the new hydroelectric power plant, MOSELEKTRO State Company has manufactured and supplied switchgear cabinets and busbars with the total scope of 106 switchgear cubicles and 641 m busbars.
For reference: The underground power house of Rogunskaya HPP places 6 sets, each one with 600 MW installed power. The average annual power generation will be 13.8 billion kWh, to provide for complete coverage of the deficient winter electric energy in Tajikistan and for an impetus to the economic development of the country.