Equipment for Sovietskaya Gavan’ CHPP

31 October 2018

MOSELEKTRO supplies equipment for construction of the new Sovietskaya Gavan’ CHPP in the framework of a contract with RusHydro PJSC. The contract presumes supply of switchgear cabinets, EFIBAR Series Busbar, busbars T3K-6 and TÝHE-10, integrated low-voltage switchgear units and PTS.

For reference:
The new CHPP in Sovietskaya Gavan’ City is of strategic importance for the developing Harbour Exclusive economic zone in the Region. The new generation capacities will provide for partial coverage of the increasing electric energy demand of the Region associated with the implementing of investment projects of development of the harbour and the transport infrastructure.
The installed electric capacity of the CHPP will be 120 MW
The installed thermal capacity of the CHPP will be 200 Gcal/h
Fuel: coal
Accomplishment of construction — 2019.