Equipment for Cherepetskaya Hydro-Electrical Power Plant

11 December 2019

MOSELECTRO has manufactured and supplied 6 (10) kV complete switchgears (SG) for Cherepetskaya HEPP (Inter RAO PJSC) as part of the reconstruction of power supply schemes for its own needs.
The switchgear cabinets were installed in a modular building. IT is a fully shop-assembled equipment.
For reference:
Zhimerin Cherepetskaya HEPP (part of the Inter RAO Group) is a Russian thermal power plant, located in the Tula Region. Cherepetskaya HEPP is the first powerful steam turbine power plant in Europe designed for ultra-high steam parameters (pressure of 170 atmospheres, temperature 550 C).
The main function of Cherepetskaya HEPP is peak loads within Moscow, Tula, Orel, Bryansk and Kaluga Regions. Annual power generation is about 3 billion kWh.